2018 CHS Annual Meeting recap

2018 CHS Annual Meeting recap

The 2018 Annual Meeting gave our owners the opportunity to further understand the strength of the cooperative system and CHS strategic priorities.

2018 CHS Annual Report

The 2018 CHS Annual Report showcases the focus of strengthening and grow the company. The annual report offers a colorful and detailed overview of the year's activities.

2018 CHS Giving Report

CHS is committed to making a meaningful difference in lives and communities and drive value on behalf of CHS and our owners through the work of CHS Stewardship. The CHS Giving Report highlights the ways in which we strengthen our hometown communities and develop a new generation of ag leaders. View the CHS Giving Report or visit chsinc.com/stewardship to learn more.

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Management Report

Financial Report

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CHS Fueling Rural America

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